Breeding Happy and Healthy Chihuahuas

Author: Katri Rantanen
Language: English
ISBN: 978-952-318-983-6
Paperback, 268 pages, mostly b/w
Published: 2015
Publisher: Books on Demand

The Author

Katri Rantanen has owned Chihuahuas over 30 years and bred them over 24 years. Chihuahuas have been part of her everyday life and she has raised many generations well behaving Chihuahuas. She has also bred and owned a top winning Chihuahua and other Champions.

She noticed early that Chihuahuas were very demanding dogs to breed successfully. There were a lot of problems with deliveries and other issues in the breed.

Studies at the University, ability to read scientific papers and many discussions with the scientists, who she met through her work, gave her additional information to understand challenges of the Chihuahua breed.

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