Breeding Happy and Healthy Chihuahuas

Author: Katri Rantanen
Language: English
ISBN: 978-952-318-983-6
Paperback, 268 pages, mostly b/w
Published: 2015
Publisher: Books on Demand

Customer Feedback

I enjoyed a lot from this book Nov. 10 2015

By Anna-Kaisa V. at

"I am just starting to breed chihuahuas and found all the information what I needed from this book. The rest know-how comes only from the experience and with in time. The english in this book is very readable even for a person who's mother tongue is not english and haven't read a lot in english. I have read the author's book Chihuahua`s ABC before and learned a lot about chihuahuas from there and recommended that all the puppy buyers, but this book is excellent for everyone who wants to learn a little bit more and who is considering breeding. Even the experienced breeders can learn more from this!"

Highly recommended read on 5 Oct. 2015

By Mrs. M. R. Bodimeade at

Excellent book well written. I especially recommend this book to anyone considering breeding or buying chihuahuas due to the health implications highlighted so well in this book. Being the owner of a chihuahua with the very painful genetic disease CM/SM it fills me with so much happines that the author has brought this disease, together with other health issues to the attention of would be purchasers or breeders. Many breeders are burying their head in the sand over these serious health issues and continuing to breed puppies from affected parents leaving the costly and heartbreaking repercussions to the uneducated chihuahua purchasers. So hats off to this author for being brave enough to bring these issues to the general public. Highly recommended read to everyone who love this breed and want only the best for the chihuahua.

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