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Katri Rantanen

My name is Katri Rantanen. I got my first dog when I was ten years old at 1982. My parents did not have experience from dogs. My first dog was very intelligent Chihuahua called Simba (picture). Simba tought me lot about Chihuahuas and training dogs. As a teenager I worked in successful kennels, so I learned to know many other breeds as well. Number of my dogs have increased over time, but they are all Chihuahuas. I still breed Chihuahuas actively.
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Katrix Design

Internet and websites were the answer for breeders to find suitable homes for their puppies. I started making websites, studied computer science at the University of Helsinki and maintained websites for other breeders as well. Here is my Chihuahuas' site and one site for other breeder.

Now I am updating puppy color calculator which is based on colours of the parents.


Chihuahua guide which I made for my own puppy byers was successful also among other Chihuahua owners. Finally at the year 2008, I published this guide as a book called "Chihuahuan ABC". Feedback from the book was excellent and the second printing was out 2012.

After I had been breeding Chihuahuas from different lines, worked in the genetic laboratory with scientists for years and studied genetics at the University of Helsinkin, I finally got an idea for another second Chihuahua book. I wanted to put together all information I had learned along the years from Chihuahuas and genetics. In a way, I wrote this book for myself. When I become old and demented, I can still breed Chihuahuas. I just read important things from the Breeding Happy and Healthy Chihuahuas book!

Kolumbus Chihuahuas

I have bred Chihuahua dogs since 1991 with prefix Kolumbus. I studied also genetics and statistics at the Helsinki University .

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